Horse Rug Washing, Repairs & Reproofing

Horse rug washing, repairs & reproofing now available. Drop Off & Collection Point available at Wholesale Horsewear House on Alderley St, Toowoomba Qld. 

Not from the Toowoomba region, we can arrange your rugs to be freighted anywhere in the country - exact costs will be will be advised, no guessing!


Price List effective 01/01/2020

This is only a guide – rugs may need two washes due to mud/dirt/mold/grime build up.

HAIR REMOVAL – Any item that requires hair removal prior to cleaning will incur $11 per item plus cleaning costs.

RE-WATERPROOFING – All rugs must be washed by THRW prior to re-waterproofing.

Price Incl. GST. Rug or Combo Any Size.

Hair Removal

$11 per item

Cotton/Mesh Rug Wash

$12 per wash

Polar Fleece Rug Wash

$12 per wash

Wool Rug Wash

$17.50 wash

Stable Doona Wash

$17.50 per wash

Dute/Hessian Rug Wash

$17.50 per wash

Synthetic Filled/Unfilled Rug Wash

$17.50 per wash

Canvas Lined/Unlined Rug Wash

$17.50 per wash

Saddlecloth Wash – Dressage/Jumping/All Purpose Size

$11 each

Saddlecloth Wash – Western Size

$16.50 each

Wool Numnah/Saddlecloths with Wool

$16.50 each

Exercise Boots/Float Boots/Bandages – up to set of 4


Girth Cover Wash (Wool)

$11 each

Rug Bibs/Helmet Bags/Tail Bags/Skinny Hoods

$5.50 each

Dog Rug Wash

$12 each

Dog Bedding Wash

$17.50 per wash

Re-Waterproofing – Canvas/Synthetic

$20.00 each


Rug Repairs – Flat Rate regardless of repairs needed

  • Summer Type Rugs - $18.50 each
  • Winter Type Rugs - $25 each

**Any rug that comes in for repairs that have been washed by customer prior to drop off and to our satisfaction will incur a $10 levy added to your invoice. If rugs are not cleaned to our satisfaction (this includes hair removal), customers will be advised that repairs will not be completed.

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