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Canvas Cote - Rug Reproofer

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Canvas Cote forms an acrylic membrane on your rugs and will provide a barrier to water penetration, shallow water pooling and wind driven rain for a number of years. Unlike silicone water repellents such as Nikwax Rug Proof & Equinade Rug Seal, Canvas Cote does not require follow up treatments and may slightly stiffen the fabric as it forms its flexible film. 
Application - Rugs must be freshly cleaned, dry and no dirt present prior to reproofing. Applying to dirty rugs will cause the product to fail and allow leaking. Lay the rug flat on the ground, preferable use a tarp underneath with the outer of the rug facing upwards. Using a pesticide type sprayer (you can purchase a 5Lt one from Bunnings for $10), spray multiple light passes over the rug. Additional coats over problem areas like seams may be required to fully seal. To clean your sprayer and your hands use Turps. 
Number of coats: 1-3
Coverage: 1Lt = 10m2
Drying Time: 12-14hrs
Re-Coat: 1-2hrs
Fully Cured: 7 Days





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