RMR Fly Trap - Toowoomba Horse Rug Washing
RMR Fly Trap - Toowoomba Horse Rug Washing

RMR Fly Trap

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Are you prepared for this year's dreaded fly season?
Flies. Irritating, itchy and inevitable. They are an issue that all animal owners have to put up with every year. We ask you again, are you prepared?
The RMR Fly Trap was created with animals in mind. Us humans have to suffer from flies but nowhere near the extremities your animals have to once the fly season is in full swing. The RMR Fly Trap works in any area there are flies and will work to keep flies off your animal no matter the species - Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Pigs, Chickens and Ducks...
Fly Trap Setup!
  1. Load tray with bait and 100-200ml of warm water to dissolve and place tray in the bottom ring. (Fly Trap Bait available under the products tab or make your own, anything super smelly works!)
  2. Hook the 2 interior hooks together to form the funnel which traps the flies,
  3. Hang somewhere & watch it fill up with flies!
How long does each trap last?
Each trap will last around 3 months, you can then decide whether to empty it or replace it with a new one since it will be full of flies. Be sure to replace bait regularly to keep attracting flies.
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